DJ Night Saturday 4/22/17 “The Blues”

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8pm -12 Midnight


This Saturday night Hollywood Vine is hosting its first Blues Night, with a local aficionado, playing tracks from the pantheon of greats, some of which will be familiar and some which will have a distinctly familiar ring – any one  blues song never belonged to any one person long before someone else appropriated it, changed the lyrics (a little), and gave it a new title
Join Tina and DJ Stinky Corners AKA Barry Stock for an evening of music from the human-est of humans, men with “Blind” in their name and women telling the truth about life and love and liquor.

The musical form called “blues” is the touchstone for so much of the rest of what occurred in sound in the 20th century, that it is difficult to overstate its impact. The transformation of suffering, vice, and coded innuendo into a simple but compelling expression hit its stride in the 1920s, and was a source of sales in the hundreds of thousands of copies for self-taught people for a decade or so. Often fame and fortune was followed by all of the attendant demons, and the familiar arc was as it is today, empty pockets and an early death. What was left behind is just as compelling as the day it was recorded, though, and modern sophistication, wit and wry humor are undeniably present.


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