Zu Vodka Tasting

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Friday September 6th from 7-9pm we’d love you to join us for a tasting of a very special vodka. Zu Bison Grass Vodka has been a favorite here at Hollywood Vine for it’s high quality, unique taste and supreme smoothness. Many of you have never tried this outstanding spirit and we are excited to share it with you. We will have a selection of cocktails available to taste.
A few words about the product : ZUĀ® Bison Grass Vodka begins as a luxury Polish vodka made from the finest select grains of rye that fill the spirit with a rich, natural sweetness. It is distilled four times using a unique double-step process to deliver supreme smoothness. Independently, this singular vodka would easily be considered one of the finest ever crafted.
But, as remarkable as it is, it wouldn’t be ZU. To make it an authentic Zubrowka, each bottle of this pristine vodka is infused with the essence of bison grass, which imparts a pale olive color, unparalleled freshness and fragrance, and a lingering, subtly sweet hint of fruitiness. The flavor is often said to bear notes of vanilla and almond… but according to W. Somerset Maugham in The Razor’s Edge, Zubrowka “smells of freshly mown hay and spring flowers, of thyme and lavender, and it’s soft on the palate and so comfortable, it’s like listening to music by the moonlight.” It has been said that ZU is not flavored vodka at all, but vodka with flavor. Either way, you’ll delight in the versatility of its floral aroma, smooth body, and mellow taste.
There is no charge for this event.

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