Pisco Tasting

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Join us this Friday March 29th from 7pm- 9pm for a Pisco tasting featuring Pisco Capurro. We are excited to invite you to this Friday evening tasting and are especially looking forward to our special guest Romina Puente-Arnao. Romina is a 5th generation of the Cappurro family in Pisco production and is the grandaughter of the master distiller.

There is no charge for this tasting.

Buy 1 bottle of Capurro and get a $15 gift card to Joey’s Wynwood

Our Pisco
For generations, we have maintained a secret family recipe that continues to distinguish Pisco Capurro from the rest.
Our process ensures consistency, complexity, and premium quality, making for an ideal sipping spirit. Never diluted, never any additives.
Our grapes have a distinct personality created by the unique combination of desert soil rich in nutrients and the Nazca desert ecosystem.
Versatility and smoothness make it appealing to mix with several ingredients, while it can also replace vodka and other popular spirits in classic cocktails to create new flavors.
We invite you to discover the exquisite Pisco Capurro and join our family legacy…

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