Spirits Tasting

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Fun and tasty cocktails at Hollywood Vine!
This coming Friday we are going to have fun with spirits. David Ortiz Florida’s Ambassador of The American Still Life Craft Spirits Collection will guide us with cocktail recipes and fun tasting notes.

Friday, February 10th, 2012
7:00-9:00 pm
No charge for tastings

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka
Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is a hands-on labor of love: the liquor made from scratch, each batch tasted 20 times and every bottle hand-signed. Their equipment was custom-made in Germany, but the potatoes are brought in from a local farm. Each step of the distillation process is manually controlled by Young, who, as the former CEO of a pharmaceutical-services company, has a background in chemistry. Orr was formerly vice president of the Greater Pittsburgh Area Chamber of Commerce. The vodka was named, respectively, for Orr’s great-grandfather and Young’s late father-in-law — a familial nod that honors the concept of following one’s dream.

Hum Botanical Spirit
Hum is a 70 proof spirit it has a striking crimson red color from fair trade hibiscus, a peppery kick from organic ginger, heady aromatics from cardamom and the intoxicating fragrance of kaffir limeHum is created by soaking four incredibly rich botanicals (cold tea maceration) in our hand-crafted, pot still rum AFTER distillation and is then bottled unfiltered in order to help retain the full flavors and properties of the botanicals (which contain antioxidants, vitamin C, and digestives)

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