Spirit Tasting 6/17

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Fun and tasty cocktails at Hollywood Vine!

 Please join us this coming Friday to have some fun with unique high quality Spirits. David Ortiz Florida’s Ambassador of The American Still Life Craft Spirits Collection will guide us with cocktail recipes and fun tasting notes.

“In the summer of 1981, I stopped along Highway 101 north of San Francisco to pick up a pair of vacationing hitch-hikers. The man came from a family that had produced cognac since 1782. The firm had recently been taken over by giant Martell. Hubert Germain-Robin told me a sad tale: ancient hand-methods of distillation were disappearing as the large firms that dominate production applied “improved” high-volume production
methods to an ancient industry. Hubert yearned to find a way to use what he had learned growing up, secrets of distillation handed from master to apprentice for centuries. The next summer, Hubert found an antique still in an abandoned cognac distillery, had it refitted, and shipped it to my Mendocino County ranch, in the northern part of California’s fabled wine country. We built a modest redwood shed, and in it we made an historic discovery. We had decided to experiment with premium wines, instead of the thin acidic wines—not fit for the table— that are used to make Cognac. The very first time that brandy distilled from Pinot Noir flowed from the still, Hubert put his nose in the sampling glass, took a long sniff, turned to me, and said, “this is the finest I have ever seen”.”_Ansley Coale, Co-founder


Balcones Distillery is the end result of a fascination with fermentation and a lifelong appreciation of fine things. Whether it is baking bread, cheese making, throwing pottery or distilling, we approach creative activity with enthusiasm and commitment to quality.   We might be roasting coffee beans first thing in the morning before starting the work day or pausing to enjoy a great hand-rolled cigarette or fine cigar…or playing guitar and singing songs around a fire in the winter.  Our love for the tradition of fine spirits we have inherited motivates us to strive for excellence in the spirits we distill ourselves. Baby Blue is not only the first Texas whisky on the market since Prohibition, but so far we know the only blue corn whisky made anywhere.  It pays homage to the American whisky tradition and while adding something we think is new and innovative.


Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is a hands-on labor of love: the liquor made from scratch, each batch tasted 20 times and every bottle hand-signed. Their equipment was custom-made in Germany, but the potatoes are brought in from a local farm. Each step of the distillation process is manually controlled by Barry Young, who, as the former CEO of a pharmaceutical-services company, has a background in chemistry.

Hum is created by soaking four incredibly rich botanicals (cold tea maceration) in our hand-crafted, pot still rum AFTER distillation and is then bottled unfiltered in order to help retain the full flavors and properties of the botanicals (which contain antioxidants, vitamin C, and digestives).

Stone Barn Brandyworks in Portland, Oregon produces craft distilled, regional fruit brandies and spirits.





Friday June 17th, 2011

7:00-9:00 pm

No charge for tastings

Germain-Robin California Alambic Brandy Hand Distilled

Considered the finest distilled spirit in the world according to several panels of experts; Germain-Robin uses 19th century hand methods on an antique cognac still, using much better grapes than anyone in Cognac ever dreamed of using.

$44.99 Retail

“the best on the planet” _Spirit & Cocktail Magazine

” utterly spectacular” and “Perfect Brandy” _Spirit Journal

“A smoothness and elegance rarely encountered” _New York Times

“There is no cognac as good as Germain-Robin Brandy” _Dan Berger L.A. Times

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

Balcones Baby Blue is made from 100% roasted Hopi blue corn, its gorgeous midnight blue kernels are packed with a rich, roast nuttiness that is truly exceptional a brief aging in oak certainly contributes some of the recognizable oak notes and characteristic of bourbon, but these flavors do not dominate the rich corn flavors: butter, masa corn meal, marzipan/toasted almonds, smoked chilies, dark chocolate, fresh baked bread aroma.

$51.99 Retail

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

A smooth, slightly sweet vodka with no eye-watering after-burn.

$32.99 Retail



Hum Botanical Spirit

Hum is a 70 proof spirit, it has a striking crimson red color from fair trade hibiscus, a peppery kick from organic ginger, heady aromatics from cardamom and the intoxicating fragrance of kaffir lime.

$39.99 Retail



Stone Barn Red Wing Coffee Liqueur

The Red Wing Roast is a blend of Salvadorian and Yemeni Coffee; Pinot Noir and Apple based brandy are infused with Madagascar  Vanilla, Cinnamon and invert Sugar in order to make the liqueur; in the mouth it has notes of chocolate, tobacco and oriental flavors.

$24.99 Retail 375ml

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