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I tried this wine last week. Really good Pinot Noir at a very reasonable price.

I liked it so much that I’m pouring it at a big family event this weekend.

It has not been reviewed. Trust me it’s good!


RUSSIAN HILL Russian River Pinot Noir 2007    $21.99 (normal discount apply)

2007 Vintage WINE SPECTATOR 98 POINT FOR SONOMA PINOT NOIR, perhaps greatest vintage ever for California Pinot Noir!!!

Russian Hill Estate, a family owned and operated winery, is located in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Using the utmost care from vineyard to bottle, Russian Hill is dedicated to the production of world-class Pinot noir and Syrah. The key philosophy of the winery is to maintain the highest degree of excellence in viticultural and winemaking practices to allow wines to fully express the various vineyards that are their source.

Edward Gomez and Ellen Mack established Russian Hill in 1997 after a two-year intensive search for the appropriate site. It was imperative that the land be capable of producing outstanding estate vineyards but also allow for construction of a winery. Only by having full control of both the vineyard and wine production, did the team at Russian Hill feel they could produce wines of the quality they envisioned.

True to its place of origin, this Pinot is bold in its bright expression of Bing Cherry and cola flavors. The texture is luscious and a touch of acidity adds grace and elegance. This Pinot has beautiful ruby red tones and great clarity; overall it is a classic Russian River Valley Pinot noir. AN EXTRAORDINARY VALUE FOR A BOUTIQUE PINOT NOIR FROM CALIFORNIA’S GREATEST PINOT NOIR APPELLATION IN A CLASSIC VINTAGE

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