Beer Tasing 11/19

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Friday November 19th, 2010

7:00-9:00 pm

No charge for tastings

Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pills

Oskar Blues’ newest beer is an uncompromising, small-batch version of the beer that made Pilsen, Czech Republic famous. Unlike mass market “pilsners” diluted with corn & rice, Mama’s is built with 100% pale malt, German specialty malts, and Bavarian hops. While it’s rich with Czeched-out flavor, its gentle hopping and low ABV (just 5.3%) make it a luxurious but low-dose (by Oskar Blues standards) refresher.

Gold Medal.- 2009 World Beer Championship

Retail $3.25


Lefebvre Barbãr

Born of the ancestral know-how of a family brewery, Barbar beer will please you with its malt taste and subtle flavour of honey. It is brewed using water drawn from artesian wells on the site of the brewery, at Quenast, a small village to the south of Brussels. Barbar beer is prepared from a secret and harmonious mixture of barley malts, hops and honey carefully selected by our Master Brewer. The traditional brewing method, associated with our unique strain of yeast, and the secondary fermentation in the bottle, gives Barbar the authentic flavour of a very special ale.

Retail $6.00



Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA

“Two inflammatory words… one wild drink. Nectar imprisoned in a bottle. Let it out. It is cruel to keep a wild animal locked up. Uncap it. Release it….stand back!! Wallow in its golden glow in a glass beneath a white foaming head. Remember, enjoying a RAGING BITCH, unleashed, untamed, unbridled- and in heat- is pure GONZO!! It has taken 20 years to get from there to here. Enjoy!”                                                                                               – Ralph Steadman

A+  Beer Advocate

Retail $3.00


Cigar City Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale

This is a Northern English style brown ale with some American affectations. Maduro is higher in alcohol than the common English browns and features flaked oats in the malt bill which imparts a silky body and works to mesh the roasted, toasted and chocolate components together in Maduro’s complex malt profile. Full flavored yet approachable.

A+  Beer Advocate

Retail $3.00


Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Ten FIDY Imperial Stout – This titanic, immensely viscous stout is loaded with inimitable flavors of chocolate-covered caramel and coffee.  Ten FIDY (10.5% ABV) is made with enormous amounts of two-row malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, flaked oats and hops. Ten FIDY is the ultimate celebration of dark malts and boundary-stretching beer.

Gold Medal .- 2010 World Beer Championship

 Retail $6.75

20% off  on 1-5 bottle take out

35% off on a six-pack mix and match take out

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