Beer Tasting 8/27

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Beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. It has an amazing history that’s wrapped in culture and embraced by people who are passionate about brewing, selling, serving, and supporting it. All of this deserves that we don’t just drink the beer; instead, note the beer’s appearance, how it smells and tastes. Savor each beer. but most important remember it is a beverage that’s meant to be fun, enjoyed, and celebrated.



Friday August 27th, 2010

7:00-9:00 pm

No charge for tastings


Charlottesville, VA – a historic storefront on Main Street that was once home to the state of Virginia’s first craft brewing operation is also the home of Starr Hill Brewery Co. Starr Hill Lucy is a light English summer ale, spiced with ginger, lime, and coriander. It will remind you of warm summer nights on the beach.

Retail $2.75



Redhook ESB is modeled after the premium Extra Special Bitters found in English pubs. Brewed since 1987, this full-bodied amber ale is Redhook’s signature brew with its toasted malt flavor and pleasant finishing sweetness. Its eminently drinkable style has established Redhook ESB as a benchmark brew in the amber ale category.

  2008 North American Beer Awards Gold Medal Winner

2009 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner

Retail $2.75



From Portland, Oregon Rob and Kurt Widmer dliver with its unique citrus character, smooth drinkability, and distinctive hop character, Drifter Pale Ale is truly an original. Brewed with generous amounts of Summit hops, a variety known for their intense citrus flavors and aromas, Drifter has a taste unique to the Pale Ale category. True to style, the bittering hops are perceptible enough to give the beer a crisp, clean, quenching finish, yet also soft enough to keep the beer smooth and balanced.

2006 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner

Retail $2.75



Estrella Damm is a Spanish pilsener. It has been brewed in Barcelona since 1876 and is the flagship beer of S.A. Damm, a prominent Barcelona brewery. “Estrella” means “Star” in both Spanish and Catalan.

Retail $2.75



Inedit is the first beer specifically created to accompany food. It is born from the conviction that a beer that could be paired with the utmost respect to the best cuisine was necessary. That is its aim and its virtue, and that is what makes Inedit different, special and unique. Has been created by Damm brewmasters in Barcelona, Spain, heirs to a century-old tradition, and developers of highly appreciated beers, and by Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team.

High intensity and aromatic complexity. Its appearance is slightly cloudy. Fruity and floral to the nose, with a yeasty sensation and sweet spices reminiscences. Creamy and fresh texture, soft volume and delicate carbonic. Long aftertaste and pleasant memory.

Retail $15.00


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