Wine Tasting 11/24

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Small Vineyards, Big Wines : Craft wines of Italy  

Growing up in America, it’s likely that your first experience in a restaurant or a retail shop is going to be a large chain or franchise operation. It’s more than likely your first hamburger was from McDonalds, for good reason, there’s one on every corner. That said, We don’t think any of us would claim it was the best burger we’ve ever had, just the most accessible. Large corporate entities generally tend to be at the very least consistent, if not singular, exciting or avant garde. However, there is something charming about the less formulaic operation of private entities. The service is perhaps variable, the cuisine possibly less manicured, but as a whole some of our favorite and most memorable experiences around a dinner table have occurred in small privately-owned restaurants, the kind where the owner may even be the one serving you 😉 The reason we make this comparison today is that it is easy to forget that wine also is a food (agricultural) product. Like all food products, quality is compromised the larger the scale of the operation. In other words, it’s much easier to prepare a truly exquisite meal for a party of five than it is for a party of 500. The same principles apply to wine and although not all small production wines are likely to suit your individual palates, they are certainly more singular and unique. This week we are proud to be able to show a lineup of 5 traditional, super small production wines from Italy, all of which will retail under $22 and have a person behind them instead of a boardroom. Production sizes of these wines are so miniscule because many of these “wineries” produce merely enough wine for their own consumption. This is truly a fascinating portfolio of wines produced mostly by families who have absolutely no commercial interest in the wine business at all and have arrived to our shores due to the efforts of a small American import company who sought out and hand-picked each of them (literally in some instances). Naturally there are no major critics reviewing these wines. I think this tasting will be an eye opening experience for many of you burgeoning wine geeks out there, as well as for those of you who are just getting started.    




Tuesday November 24th, 2009

6:00-9:00 pm

No charge for tastings


Sanguineti “Vincero” Bianco Toscana 2007 Tuscany, Italy

A truly “Super Tuscan” white! Lemony and fresh, with apple and honey character. Medium body, crisp acidity and medium finish. This is a wonderful blend of Vermentino, Marvasia and Chardonnay without any oak.

BTG $6.25                            Retail $16.99


Trevisol “Extra Dry” Prosecco NV Valdobbiadene, Italy

A delicate, well-balanced Prosecco, showing a good blend of baked apple, sour lemon and grapefruit, with a lightly creamy mineral texture on the palate. Medium froth, with some body and a pleasant lemon and mineral finish.

BTG $7.00                            Retail $18.99


Bibbiani “Poggio Vignoso” Chianti 2007 Tuscany, Italy

Dried cherry and floral aromas follow through to a medium body, with fine tannins and a fruity, soft finish. This also displays a floral character on the nose and palate with a good body of persistent fruit and tannins.

BTG $5.25                            Retail $13.99


Sanguineti “Nessum Dorma” Super-Tuscan 2006 Tuscany, Italy

A fruity red, with clean currant and blackberry character on a medium body. This has a pleasant finish, with a subtle coating of black olive over the light, velvety tannins. Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah.

BTG $7.25                           Retail $19.99


Guiseppe Leonardi Valpolicella Ripasso 2007 Veneto, Italy

Offers intense crushed black fruit, oak and creamy mineral on a medium-bodied palate, with fine, fruit-coated tannins. Nicely structured and enjoyable, with a sweet fruit and milk chocolate finish.

BTG $8.00                         Retail $21.99